Alpinestars M-6

Has anyone tried these boots. My old Tech 8's are ready to be trashed and I can't dig up enough cash for new ones. The M-6 is fairly cheap and still has replaceable sole inserts and top grain leather. If you have them how are they holding up? Any other suggestions? :)

I have them, very comfortable. Seem to be holding up very well.

One of my riding buddies bought a set of Tech-6s this past summer because he felt the Tech-8 was too stiff. He loves them, and he works at a MC accessory shop and sells them all day. He spent a couple of bucks and bought Tech-8 Aluminum buckles. Save the buckles off your Tech-8s if you buy a less expensive Alpinestar boot.

I wear Sidi Force boots myself so I can not comment directly.

I have M6's and love them! It was the first ever pair of boots that I put on right out of the box that fit me like a glove and fit my wallet. The rest of my body aches after a ride but my feet hold up fine.

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