Billett Throttle Tube w/ Bark Busters

I am considering an aluminum throttle tube. I have Moose bark busters.

I know I will have to cut the end of the tube off. My question is, Has anbody had a bad experience because of the tube being weakend from the end being cut off?

The stock plastic tube is flexible and has never failed me, however I have a new bike now and only want the best.

Any first hand knowledge is what this web site is all about.

Don't hack the end of the throttle tube off. Bore a hole just big enough to let a little end cap remain it gives it a little more structural integrity. Becareful it is a fine line between a stuck throttle and freeplay. :)

I agree but when drilling a 3/4" hole in the plastic tube put aa adjustable metal clamp around the outside the tube to prevent the tube from cracking. Do not cut the end of the tube off.

If you lop off the end of your throttle tube, plastic or Al, dirt will be able to get between the tube and the bars, especially if you cut the end of your throttle grip off (I do so the grip won't rub the guard and make the throttle stiff). You need some overhang to at least cover the bar thickness to keep dirt out.

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