Crested Butte Colorado Ride Photos are here

First off, big thanks to Mike for hosting this ride...

Ok, here they are, the long awaited Crested Butte Colorado Ride photos.

I had to use my Lycos account to host the photos. I know it isn't the best photo host, but it is what I had readily available.

There are a total of 52 photos, so make sure you check out all three pages of the album. If you click the thumbnail it will take you to a bit larger photo with a caption. Then click the "full size" link below the photo to see the full size picture.



Great pictures. Looks like that was just a BLAST!! I have only been there to ski. Never really seen it like that. Wish I had have been there. Seeing things like that really makes me proud to have been fortunate enough to be born in America. We are very lucky. I deploy overseas all the time and really get a chance to see the crap people in other countries have to live with. I need a vacation like that. Think I will look into it. Thanks for the pics.

Great pics. So are there plans to return next year?


Looks like a great trip. Maybe I need to find a way to get up there for the next "non-event."

Awesome shots..reminds me of the Sierras back in Nevada. Would love to get in a trip like that if you ever plan another. Put me on the list!!!!!

We are heading up there next weekend. What trails did you ride. We'll probably do the standards but I'm hoping you might now of others we have never hit up there.

Go to this thread subject on either the WR250 or the YZ426 side, can't remember which one. You'll need to PM Mike, he responded to one of those threads.

He lead us the entire trip and knows the trail head numbers. He should be able to help. We covered a lot of ground, so I have no idea how to advise you on where to go. Over the 3 days I think we did about 150 miles.


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