water pump problem

hi there

its 2006 wr 450 380 miles on it, that's how i bought it

did not ride it, try to start last month and theres a short leak of coolant around the water pump area.could it happen to almost new bike?

o and the header is turning crazy red very quick.

looks like cooling system doesn't work ,right?

do i need to replace the whole thing or just some seals?


WR's are notorious for bad waterpump shafts. Plan to rebuild it. You can get an aftermarket impeller/shaft. I've read that they're better than stock, but I don't personally know.

The header will turn red if the bike is run but isn't moving. Once there's airflow over the header, the Ti will cool down pretty quick.

I'm kinda pissed, I'm in the same boat. Brand new bike, less than 100 miles on it when it started leaking. Wish I would have caught it before the 30 day warranty was up. That will teach me to buy a bike at the end of the riding season.

Seems to be bullpuckey to me.

You might want to call Yamaha customer service and talk to them. I had an issue a few years back with my son's TTR that the shop we bought it from told us was not covered under warranty. I called Yamaha and talked to a rep about it and they took care of it. Writing an actual snail mail letter is not a bad idea either.

Does anyone know which excact parts do I need to get for the water pump problem or should I take apart my pump first and then see what I need?

Thanks for any info and advices

take it apart 1st. but id replace everything anyways. its not expensive.

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