Relocating the battery to a lower location

Not to mention all the water and mud getting in there.

With one of these small lithium's you will have room to open up your airbox more anyways.

Some how I really don't think 12oz down there will make as big of difference as just losing 4.5lbs up high.

I know that losing 5lbs of high weight between my Nicad Ebatt and 08 YZ can made a big difference on my bike.

Rode my bike for about an hour today with no problem. This really worries me though since I don't know why it shorted out when it was directly under the engine. As it is now it is in a little pouch that is giving it some protection from the heat coming from the engine there is also less pressure on it though it is still a tite fit. Any opinions on wether the heat or pressure could end up being a problem? By the way, when I removed the battery from underneath the engine which I did as soon as I got it back to the garage, other words the engine was still hot, the short went away.

Rode my bike again for about a hour last nite with still no problems. I think their is a very good chance it would work fine there, or directly under the engine with some spacer help. But, this bike is going to Baja in Nov. The big worry for me would be going through the only creek crossing in 750miles and having the battery short out. So, it is going back in the air box but this time on the side so I can still change my air filter without taking it out.

why doesn't everyone just eat one less cheese burger a week and go jogging? Just a ?

why doesn't everyone just eat one less cheese burger a week and go jogging? Just a ?

Where is the fun in that :doh:

Where is the fun in that :doh:

Agreed. We are just trying our best to support TT and run our numbers up:ride:

I think that I'm going to eat one more double cheeseburger, and then not go jogging.

I try to have a bowel movement before I ride.

Eating 47 belly bombs at White Castle helps.

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