Info re: Cloudcroft, New Mexico

I'm planning a week-long camp trip with the family to Cloudcroft and am looking for any suggestions or specifics on where to camp with good access to dirt roads and trails. Bringing both the quad and dirtbike and camping with a toyhauler and two wheel drive truck. Anyone know this area well?? You can also e-mail me at

I don't know the area well, and haven't ever gotten the chance to ride the trails, but I have a few friends who love going up there.

If I were you the first thing I would do is call the USFS and get a Lincoln Natl. Forest Trail Map. You can call the Ruidoso office and see if they will send you one, or perhaps order one from a local USFS office in AZ.

Most of the good trails are right off highway 130 just a few miles from town, so you could either stay at an RV park in town or find a spot in the forest off 130.

You also may consider going to the RMEC website and sending them an email, they (along with Texas Enduro club) put on the Mile-High enduro there every year (in Sept. I believe) and so would have the skinny on parking and riding.

When you get the map, The trails my friends love to ride are:



It is only a two hour drive for me, so I don't know why I've never taken my bike up there, I guess I have plenty of local stuff to keep me entertained.

Hope this is helpful.

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