Rear Suspension Spring

Anyone has any idea what the stock rear suspension spring's rating?? How do I make my rear suspension harder so that the bike wouldn't "sink" too much after I sit on the bike... I currently is about 85kgs...

Have you set the sag at 100mm like the manual says?

To set the sag you must be wearing all your gear. Then you need to sit on the motorcycle and have someone measure the distance from compressed with your weight and gear; and with you off the bike and the rear shock fully extended. Then adjust the spring with a spanner wrench. Check your manual for the correct specs as all bikes are different..................db :)

To adjust the spring pre-load:

Find the two slotted collars located on the shock

Take a long drift and hammer then loosen the collar furthest away from the spring.

Tighten the other collar until desired sag is acheived.

Depending on how much free sag to static sag you end up with. A spring change may be required.


have you posted this in the suspension forum?

Call Race Tech @ 909-279-6655 they will tell you the actual stock spring rate they tested on your model bike and with you weight and riding style can make some recommendations.

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