Pilot circuit

Which pilot combo works best with the OBELN-3.

I don't know what the relationship between the pilot circuit and the main is, but I'm running the 168mj/200maj with ELN-3. The Bikes rips right thru the gears. I'm happy with the larger main.

Each pilot combo I test all have good results.

Open US Exhaust- No Lid

42/75 Stock - 2 turns

1 KICK, Hot or Cold, nice response, Bk has

to be increased to @1.5 seconds

48/100 1 turn.. harder starting, Bk @.5sec same

good response

40/75 1 1/2 turns.. Harder sarting.. same

response..BK at .5 sec

I guess I'm asking which pilot setting would match or benefit the larger main and needle at clip 3..

Thanks for Your Input.

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