Scranton PA Any good riding???

Hey any of you Beer drinking WR trail riding guys know of any good places to ride in the Scranton PA area??? Or anyone else reading this post for that matter :) .

Im going to be up there for a weekend with nothing to do more or less and can take my bike up but I have to find somewhere to ride it :D .

check out MX573.

Cool, thanks guys, that MX track looks cool, but it further north than I want to go.

I have been to TC but not in a few years. My coworker just got a camp site up there like last month so I want to go up with him in a few weeks, I here they have leased alot of land that we could not ride on before, they have a web site with a web can and all now :) , back in the day it was just a guy in a broke down bus that was an office / party house :D . I would like to get up there again.

I think Ill just hit Hazleton, I love it up there and have a cabin I can stay at on the riding area. The camp ground is right next to Paragon.

Fairly big riding area, cant be done in one day if you want to see everything,,, and we ride at night too!! :D .

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