Cleaning head pipe

Hey guys i have a 2001 YZ426 with a FMF power bomb header, i ride a lot of trails and some track, any way, all the mud basically burns to the head and now looks like crap. Are there any trciks out there on how or what to clean them with? i have tried power washing it with somple green, but no go. any help would be appriciated. Thanks

Use detergent and a scotchbrite pad.

just get a wet rag (like a sock) and loop it around the headpipe and pull each side of the rag like your buffing a shoe. :)

Works for me.

Let it Idle for about 10 minutes, take your tounge and lick the pipe. :D After that you won't care what it looks like :D:):D :D :D

OUCH, I just use a rag and some WD40.

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