Tire size questions???

Front 80/100, Rear110/100 can anyone tell me what these numbers mean??

I am in the process of dualsporting a 09 WR

but these numbers are not matching

up with the m6006's I want.

First number is the height of the sidewall as a percent of tread width, and second number is the tread width in mm, so for the front tire, the sidewall is 80 mm (approx 3.1 inches) tall and the tread width is 100 mm (about 4 inches).

Thanks birdy. I had a 01 426 I am amazed how quiet this 09 is.

Birdy426 you got you #'s confused:

Example 80/100-21

Would be 80mm wide, then the 2nd # is the aspect ratio, in this case 100% of 80mm

You have the two switched in your description.

1st # tire width in mm

2nd # percent of sidewall to width

3rd# rim size

Phildirt is bang on the money. 80/100 - 21 is 80mm wide at the tread 100% of 80mm sidewall height (meaning it is 80mm as well) and the rim is 21inches in diameter. Rear is 110mm wide 110mm high (100% of 110mm) and is a 18inch rim.

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