Getting back to the chain slide...

Do you have to completely dismantle your swingarm to do the stainless steel mod or can you do it with everything intact? Seems the pictures show the swingarm attached to the bike during this modification?:excuseme:

no need to get the swingarm off.

of the original thread.

"To do the job I had to remove the lower chain roller and c/s sprocket, and then roll the chain off the rear sprocket. I then wired the chain up for room to work. A long hex key is required for the lower front bolt - I had a long 5/32-inch that fit the 4mm just fine."

Thanks Husky360, I can see the lower roller; I'm wondering if I can get away w/o removing the c/s. I've got the long hex key:thumbsup:

The swing arm stays on, the sprockets stay on, and only the top two bolts of the slider have to be removed.

So this is just a flip it up and do the mod and drop back down in place deal, Gray?

That's right.

Great, that makes it fairly easy, my motivation is back up! Starting with the '03 250 two-smoker (looks like someone ran a dado blade through my swingarm:eek:)

It's easy to remove it? When was the last time you serviced your swing arm bearings?

I did mine on Sunday. Just took the chain off the rear sprocket. I pulled the entire guide off so I could have a fairly accurate size and shape plate. Worked out quite well. Haven't ridden yet, but soon.

Well I did my chain slide mod on my YZ250 two smoker (still have the 125 and 450 to do). I had to add a couple of steps. 1.) Use some JB Weld to fill in the canyon:eek: this one had some miles on it and had a nice groove working mostly on the area beyond the welded joint of swingarm. 2.) A little bit of bending to "form" around some of the bends so the silicone doesn't have any pressure to pop as it cures. Make sure you have some new Wiss Snips or metal cutters as that will make life easier on cutting :doh: The real trick is putting the oversized rectangle piece in the location, predrilling the holes to make sure in right location, then trace the balance of shape out with the slide laying over the piece secured in place - then, happy cutting:thumbsup:

I just traced around the slider with a sharp pencil on the steel, drilled and cut it out.

As for forming, the chain slapping against the slider hammers it down around the welds nicely in a ride or two.

Yeah, I suppose the chain "slappin" oughta pound her out:bonk: I can see that, but I think the '03 two smoker's swingarm looks a bit different than my '06 or at least the '06 appears flatter? I'm definitely getting some new cutters for next operations. It is a good mod regardless.

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