Delivery of New WR450's

I am on the waiting list of my local dealer for a new WR450 and have been told not to expect any WR's until the end of December at best.

With the YZ450's and the CRF's already on the floor of the dealers, this is getting hard to take !!

Has anyone gotten a better delivery quoted to them for the new WR450, and if so ..WHEN ??

I'm gettin' the itch real bad for my new scoot !! :)

patience young grasshopper. December is what i am hearing. IT will be worth the wait. Congrats on being able to get one. i am sure you will love it.


I was told late October.

Does anyone know if the WR450 going to pass sound tests. I was riding a couple of months ago, and the rangers were doing sound test and all the yz/wr426's didn't pass.

Also, how about aftermarket blinkers, where could I find some? I want some that mount on the fender and don't stick out.

If a stock WR can't pass the sound test there is something wrong with the sound meter.

My new WR was so quiet I could hear our Honda Cub running over the exhaust noise.

After removing the baffle it sounded just right. After 8 months of riding its even louder and ready to be repacked.

By the way, what do they do to a rider whos bike fails.

Originally posted by huskyrider:

By the way, what do they do to a rider whos bike fails.

Husky, I think they make you look at a photo of Barbara Boxer in the nude!!!!!!!

It's not good!!!!!!!!! :)

This time around with my new 450 im going stealth. I think that im going to get a Q pipe for the new scoot. Im tired of my REALLY loud T-4. (Man maybe I am getting old).



My trusty dealer and close friend has told me that December is when we can expect them. I think that will make a great Christmas present for myself.

mine is coming in jan.

I hear that the only way to make them sound legal is to use the FMF "Q" 4 stroke silencer/arrester. Our local ranger swears by them and recommends them for all 4 strokers. :)

I need the strength to wait patiently until delivery in January. :D

Thumper that is my plan to use the free money.That way I won't be in such a crunch to sell my current WR. My name is on the first one which is scheduled for early December. :)

I'm on the list in Chicago, and they told me late October or early November. I bet I see it by January...

I'm on the list also for a new WR450 and finding it very hard to wait... very excited... I wonder if my new bike doesn't come until Jan. if I can still go to my dealer in late December and take advantage of the 6 month, 0% interest, 0 Payments for 6 months? I'll be paying cash but it would be nice to not have to drop the bucks until June '03. Anybody else thought about this?

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