09 YZ450 suspension compared to 07 YZ450

I friend has a yellow YZ 450 "Anniversary" edition and I am just curious if he buy 09 would he be able to put the fork/shock springs from his old 07?

Thank you!

The 50th Anniversary Edition was an '06, not an '07. Either way, the forks of bikes made prior to '08 are not directly interchangeable with those made '08 or later. This is due to changes in the front axle and brake caliper. There are internal upgrades in the newer fork that are worth keeping, anyway.

The rear shock has had some minor but important upgrades in the later bikes also, and I would not trade down to the older shock if it were mine.

The springs can be interchanged, however, and if he has changed from the stock rates to adjust the bike to his weight, he may want to do switch them between the bikes

OK, sounds good!

He is interested in changing the springs only. Thank you!

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