Trail riding in Houston area

Any of you guys know a good area besides Sam Houstion Nat'l Forest for some good trails/enduro riding to take my 11 year old son?

Thanks for the help.

I'm out of Austin and ride Sam Houston a few times a year, check the following sites for more info:

(portal site with good links)

most of the riding areas listed here are MX

(trail riders of houston)

You definitely need to hook up with the TrailRiders of Houston. They used to have a land lease 50mi. west of Houston that was a nice alternative to SHNF's trails. Other than that, I used to ride at the army base in Killeen (Austin), but I believe that's now closed. Good luck. Not a lot of options in Houston- I basically resorted to the MX tracks every weekend.

Rocket360--- are you a member of the AMSA/Milano lease?

Yes - I am a member of the Milano lease that has not made it out there yet. I signed up in June/July and have been traveling most of the summer.

Still a new member to the AMSA, <1yr, very cool group of people. Things should settle down with wokr in the fall and I hope that I can make more of the meetings.

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