FMF exhuast selection 06 yz450f.

hi guys,

im after a bit of advice, i recently bought an 06 450 after spending the last seven years on a 426, im looking into getting a fmf full system and wanted to know which one im better off with? looking for something with constant power increase and a nice tune. aslo i leaning towards getting one from the states as the prices here in aus are way more then what id pay to get one delivered from the states so if any one knows of any retailers that would ship oversea it would be a great help!

any help would be appreciated....



I had the FMF powerbomb/Factory 4.1 combo on my 06 yz450f and a megabomb/factory 4.1 combo on my 08 kx450f. Both make good power in different place. Powerbomb is a more top end-y type of pull and the megabomb is more down low pull.:excuseme:

The factory 4.1 is FMF's best performing silencers. For the header I have tried all 4 of FMF's headers on my 450 and they were really not much different from each other. I would say go with the best bang for your buck and get a stainless powerbomb.

cheers fella

appreciate the advice

wouldn't know of any store i could check out on the web??



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