Something to watch out for-$$$$$$$

hey guys,

Just thought I would chuck in a little note about a potentially expensive problem I had when changeing my oil the other day.

The bottom bolt in the oil filter cover(the hex key one) also doubles as a check bolt to see if the pump is pumping oil up to the filter cavity.

There is a small hole drilled vertically from inside the oil filter cavity at the bottom, down to about half way along the threaded hole that this bolt screws into. I guess the theory being that you can undo the bolt to a certain point and the oil will come out around the thread indicating the pump is filling the cavity with oil. Well, as most of you would have noticed, any pieces of hardfacing or gear chips, clutch particles etc that collect in the filter accumulate towards the bottom of the filter cavity.

When you take out the bolt to change the oil,these bits can fall down the hole and when you go to screw the bolt back in they get caught on the head of the bolt and rip the nice soft alloy threads to pieces as you screw it back in.

I managed to resurrect my thread by running a tap through it to clean it back up and put a new bolt in it. If you feel the bolt starting to get tight before it is pulled up against the cases, undo it again and check to see if your thread is full of particles.

Hope this helps!!!

Good catch on the potential for those threads to get buggered up. This has been covered on this site before, but some others may not have got the word yet.

I believe the bolt is actually designed to allow draining of the cavity for filter changes. Someone here also suggested blocking off the drain port that leads into the threaded hole as a way to avoid this problem altogether. I don't ever seem to get much oil out of that "drain" when I'm changing filters anyway. I drain my oil while the bike is leaning on the kick stand and then just take the filter cover completely off. There's a small amount of oil sitting in there towards the back and I just use a paper towel to sop it up.

Seems like kind of a poor design, doesn't it?

We disscussed this a couple of years ago with the 99 and 02 models. MXTuner recommended that you blow out the passage way with brake parts cleaner when the filter was changed. I still do it but haven't seen any metal for a long time...Just fuzz on my magnetic plug.

Bonzai :)

Ive been plugging the hole with silicone sealer to prevent the metal shavings from getting in the bolt hole. Works great. I've heard Ty Davis sells a kit to tap the hole and install a threaded plug. The silicone works great and can't go anywhere if it does become dislodged for some reason.

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