water in air box?

After a couple hours of riding my 07 WR450 I stopped for a rest. I went to start the bike and it was really difficult to get started, which is wierd because this bike always starts with no problems. I finally got it started after a minute or two and it sputtered out. I started checking around and noticed a lot of water in my air box. This was also wierd because it was not very wet out and I did not submerge the bike. Anyway I need to know what I should do. The air box had water in it and I started the bike which presumably sent water into the carb and beyond. The bike would not stay started and I want to fix it the right way. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I think the first question should be is: Where did the water come from? :excuseme:

Did you cross any water at all? Did you was the bike and water get in the air box? Was it raining out?

Crossed a couple of small creeks, no more than 5-6 inches deep and it was not raining. I am at a loss as to how the water got in there.....I have literally had this bike in a couple feet of water in the past and this did not happen. There are no new holes in the box and the little drain catch tube was in place (and full of water when I checked). There was no water in it prior to riding either. It is a mystery to me, I have been riding since I was nine years old and I am 35 now......this has never happened to me before.

im not sure how the wr's are set up compared to the yzf's but if you washed the bike and water got in the number plate holes, it could have filled

im not sure how the wr's are set up compared to the yzf's but if you washed the bike and water got in the number plate holes, it could have filled

The same happens on the WR's :smirk:

But its not a big deal to drain after each wash :excuseme:

I had a similar senario with my 07 WR. But my bike started coughing & spluttering while going along & then came to a halt ! This was near the end of a full day out . At first I thought something was seriously wrong (I did'nt look in the airbox though, but like you I did go through a few 5 inch ish puddles but nothing major) After closer inspection I found nothing wrong ? My bike took a good few turns on the starter motor before it started, But I rode another 20 miles or so & it didnt miss a beat, also I have rode a full day hammering it round a motocross track since then & all seems to be fine ???

If you were spinning while riding through the water, I think that would do it. The airbox on my 450 would fill solid with snow in a couple of minutes if I was spinning in powder - snorkel removed but lid on the airbox. If snow could fill it up that fast, then water probably also could. I don't think you should worry too much about permanent damage to the engine, as long as the air filter was in place to prevent dirt getting sucked in. I think that the only real danger that water could cause immediately would be to hydraulic lock the engine if a lungful got sucked into the cylinder, and that could bend the connecting rod. Check your oil to make sure that there's no water in it. If you're not sure - simply change it to be sure.


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