Aftermarket subframes for BRP?

Anybody know where I can get a subframe? I've tried to straighten mine several times but it always seems to warp to the left and the tire rubs the fender. I've checked and it looks like AC Racing does not make one for the BRP. :) The OEM price will probably require me to sell my first child.

Is your warp the result of a spill or is it just the

normal brp warp they leave the factory with?. I recall

seeing (on the net) a photo of 2 japanese mechanics

using a 2 metre long 6x4 wooden pole to straighten

the brp warp.

cheers, Craig

Actually the previous owner had fallen hard on the right side. I stripped her down to the frame when I got her and cleaned it up and tweak the subframe some. Recently went to a wider tire and now it was rubbing again and had to tweak the frame some more. I threw a tie-down through the rafter and attached it to the sub frame. I'd lay the bike on it's left side and jump on it to get the frame to bend over. Only problem was when I was done it lined up with the tire, but sloped to the left side. When to Home Depo and bought a 5' pry bar. That did the trick. Now just need to find a welder to fix a 1" crack near the forward bolt.

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