Triple clamp - torque specs?

ok, recently bought the scotts top clamp to replace the stocker on my '99 400.

Does anyone know what the torque specs are for replacing the top steering stem nut? Evidently the shop thought somewhere between gorilla and impact wrench was right. I couldn't break that thing loose with my current tools.

I was looking for an excuse to buy that torque wrench anyway...

The manual for the 02 WR sez 105 ft-lbs.

Be sure you are talking about the nut on top of the triple clamps. The collar that is under the triple clamp and controls the clearance in the steering head bearings is a lot less torque.

Thanks - went and bought a torque wrench and manual today during lunch. We'll see about the headset tension screw this evening when I bust that nut loose on top. Wanted to lube up the head bearings while I had the clamp off too.

Thanks for the assistance.


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