Lost 6th gear on 06 wr 450

Riding on a 2 track road and it was working fine, got into a more technical section and downshifted. Once back in the open I couldn't get 6th. All other gears are smooth as ever. Any pointers out there?

My 06 never had a 6th gear i feel cheated now .

I was about to say that too. They pulled my 6th gear out at the factory before they delivered it to me. Now I know why they were give $500 cash back - they were paying me for my 6th gear!!!!!!!!!!!

You think you've got problems, I've lost reverse as well!!!!!

Ohhh SNAP!!!!:excuseme:

This is a great thread for noobs like me.."wait a second..wait a second...oh, right, yeah. Sure."

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