Anybody had a positive experience with this?

I went to get my throttle stop off of my 01' WR 426 and found the throttle stop had already been cut only it is now only about 1/2in long total length rather than the customery .972 so what now? What are the chances that it hurt my carb slide? I've had no problem with the way it runs and it seems consistant but, people have advised about cutting to much of this stop off right? Can anyone out there tell me positively the effects of what happens when the throttle stop is cut to short? Thanks <font color="white">

alot of guys just take them out all together and never have a problem. My Mech has had his out of his WR400 for 4 yrs, has hundreds of hours racing it and has had 0 problems, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Same here on my 02' WR426. It was already the right length so I left it. As far as being too short, I wouldn't worry about it...............db :)

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