I have searched the archives and am still in a quandary. I want a thinner tank/seat so I can get over the front end. Which is better IMS, Clarke, or other for the thin & low center of gravity of the YZ?? Also if your answer is IMS which is opaque?? The color scheme (on the WEB) is confusing to a dummy like me. Any input including pics would help. I own a 00' WR and don't need any more volume than the stock tank. THANKS!!

You wont be dissapointed with the 3.3 from Clarke. I think they call the color of a clear tank "natural".

I had a IMS on my bike at first, took it back because it didnt fit up right swapped for a Clarke (got some money back to boot because it is cheaper) The clarke is slimer & mounts stronger.

But hey, thats my opinion.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Enduro Heaven

I purchased a ty davis tank 2 wks ago.

It is blue, yz fittment, 3.2 gals, requires a hot start relocater, and nullifies the choke due to its low boy style.

4 Twists and she'll light off...

Low and clean. I am running a ims seat base with stroker +1" foam(I believe this is the tallest available, I am 6'8" so I need all the help I can get...)

The stroker cover is the only one that fits on this foam. In black it is quite normal, ie.


I have seen a few guys with other big tanks and I always thought that I wanted to get away from wide and tall.

I bought the Acerbis tank...the one endorsed by Yamaha (GYTR). It fits great, its slim, has a trick aluminum filler cap fitting that can be swapped out for a dry brake if needed.

It has two petcocks to get all the fuel too.

I had a Ty tank, I sent it back because of poor quality (stripped fittings), and lack of being able to reach carb controls.

NH Kevin, I went through Baja Designs And and paid $175.00 for my acerbis tank. You may be able to find if cheeper but I have dealt with Baja before and had very good luck. They deal alot with WR 400's. I also ordered a high rise seat and a TY Hot Start :)


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How much $$ was the Acerbis?

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