05' Carb

I am from the yzf forum but am working on a wr for my buddy. It had been sitting for 3 years with gas in carb. It ran but only wide open so my first thought was the pilot circuit. I pulled it and thoroughly cleaned all jets and passageways with large quantities of brake clean and 120 psi of air. It was spotless when I re installed it on the bike. I set the fuel screw two turns out and all jetting is totally stock. I also made extra sure that there are no air leaks. The bike actually idles now, but pops and studders. Wide open is still okay. I am only at 1200ft. elevation and just want it to run cleanly as the guy is not that good of a rider. What are the things commonly missed that would cause these problems? Any help would be appreciated. Tomorrow I will play with air fuel screw some more and take it on a test ride. Thanks

Replace the pilot jet, cleaning is a waste of time.

Replace the pilot jet, cleaning is a waste of time.

how so? is it because its not straight through because of the holes?

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