What crank do I have? YZ426

I recently purchased a 250r hybrid and it has a yz426 motor. The stroke measures 63.4 mm which im pretty sure is the yz450f length. The rod says HOT RODS brand and it has a part number 621. The closest I found on hot rods website was 8621 and its a connecting rod for a 03-05 yzf450 and 04-05 WR450. Any clue as to what I have? The piston is still on there currently. I bought a CP piston for a YFZ450 4 wheeler/dirtbike. But from what I remember reading, the WR crank is smaller. Will the piston I bought work with this rod, and what kind of rod do I have?

Thanks guys. I'll try to snap a few quick pics with my phone.

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