URL Help!!

Trying to get a picture on my website to post on my member screen to the left.I've tried everything,including reading FAQ's It tells me improper picture type.The picture is 80 by 60 pixels so it's not too big,can't figure it out.Any suggestions?Go Easy on Me...I'm not too computer savvy :):D :D

Make sure it's a .jpg or .gif picture.

If that isn't it, try decreasing your pixel size by 10 and retrying.

Make sure it is a standard type of file... some variations of the JPG format will not work...

make sure that the opicture can be linked to... some sites do not allow external links...

Check those possible issues and get back to me if you are still having trouble...


Tk421,its a .jpg image.I downsized the image,still no go.

YamahaDude,I guess its a standard file :confused:BUT when I type the address in my browser it tells me page not available,any thing else I can try??????Or am I S.O.L.

No external support???I don't understand how I can place a link on a photo yet can't use it,(other than on my website)

Any suggestions/Help?

I don’t know what your initial picture format was, but remember if you're converting from a .bmp to a .jpg you must do a “save as” and then specify the .jpg format. You can’t rename a .bmp file to a .jpg. Does that make sense?

To convert the file format (save as), I use the program “ThumbsPlus4”. You can get it dirt-cheap (free) at iMesh.com.

Good luck.

Send me a PM with the URL of the pic, and I will take a look... then I can advise you how to get it as your avatar...



TK,it's a .jpg file I did'nt have to convert anything,if I had to I would'nt know where to begin.Sorry, :D I'm just starting to learn about this.

YamahaDude,I tried to type the URL of the picture into my browser.It comes up as page unavailable.Yet when you run the pointer over the picture it shows the location (URL) of the picture.I dunno :):D


Is your picture at MSN Groups by any chance?

If it is, you gotta log out of MSN, then go back in as a guest to get the proper URL address of your .jpg picture.

Thanks TK :D Any ideas to help me fix my problem?????

Any way I can keep this from happening?? I guess most of us are all the same,I just want to know :)

No problem RSA, glad to see it worked.

What you might try at your site (mypeople.com), is to right click on the small picture (icon) that enlarges your .jpg picture and then click on the properties tab. Then, just copy the URL address and use that.

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