1999 WR 400 Valve clearance?

I need some help. I recently replaced my cam chain and I checked my valves for clearance. I found the Exhaust cam clearances to be .28 and the intakes around .15 except for the one on the far right, on the rear brake side. It read .07, I believe it is suppose to be .10-.15 for the intake cam. The shim was a 140, I replaced it with a 130, re-measured and it was still .07, this leaves me to believe the valve spring is higher or something is going on? Has anyone seen this or can they give me some tips? Its really frustrating because I want to get this thing up and running. Anyways, your help is greatly appreciated.

Definitely a measuring issue or you first jammed the .07 in there when in reality there wasn't ANY clearance....

The feeler should slip in with only a little friction.

After you replaced the shim with a 130, did you turn the crank a few times to make sure everything is seated correctly?

Also - it all has to be checked with the cams torqued down correctly - stay about 10 inch lbs lower than what the book recommends.

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