Which Grey wire????

Yesterday I went into my Yamaha dealer and my mechanic just got back from his yearly school and he had a new book and in it they had the normal stuff to do to your WR426.He showed me and they told you to cut they Grey wire on the loom of wires with about 6 wires on it? not like the TT page that says cut it on the 2 loom one?? So are they wrong or are we wrong or are these 2 wires the same thing??? This has me baffeled :) Any Ideas on this one guys??

It's the 2 wire connector on the 426. I believe he was referring to the 450 having 6 wires.

When in doubt check your service manual, first page of the electrical section. There will be a block diagram showing the 2 pole connector with the gray wire going to the black wire or ground. Grounding gray sets the CDI to the WR map.

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