WR 400 CDI

Does anyone know if a YZ 400 or YZ 426 CDI box will work on my 98 WR 400? I just replaced the stator to the tune of $180 and am still fouling plugs like crazy. I sure would like to try someones CDI box before I take another $200 gamble. THere are a couple of WZ's around but no WR's. I disconnected the blue wire...no change. Cleaned the carb, filter, checked everything that I could think of and took most of the suggestions posted here. Seriously considering going red! Any help is appreciated.

it is all in the jetting

Have you re-jetted at all?

Have you modified your Accelerator Pump yet?

You really need to do both. The 98 had the worst jetting, and every year it has gotten a little better.

Thanks for the replys. I have done no jetting or rejetting. The bike is stock except for the YZ muffler that I installed when it was new. It ran perfect for 3+ years and all of a sudden started this plug fouling thing.

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