wr400-450 forum has rigor mortis

and now the bloody 250's have got more posts than us. jesus H. christ.

if they're good bikes-talk about them.

if they're **** -talk about them even more!!!!


Makes it easy on us moderators though... :D:D

A lot of the speculation about the 450 is now laid to rest, but there are not enough of them out there for people to be sharing their ideas, opinions or modifications...

The 400/426's are almost a known quantity, new members asking about jetting get referred to the Search feature, for that matter, using Search will find out anything about these bikes... perhaps past posters have done too good a job?! :)

What I look forward to is some speculation on the 2004 models... :D:D and some strange new uses for 426's... like conversion to trikes or something... Neil Armstrong was the first to play golf in outer space, when will someone take a WR into orbit aboard the shuttle and ride it - now that would be a lightweight, flickable machine - you could do endliess backflips and all sorts of stunts... who would dare call them heavy pigs then huh?

It seems that Off-topic posts, and those that are fishing for a reaction or challenging ones opinion are the ones that get the most replies... Oh, and what brand of beer you prefer... :D

Lets get some posts happening on subjects we can all relate to, and all have opinions on...

Suggestions on a card please, direct to me...

In fact, I'll start one off right now...

Better add this reply and start a new topic...



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Thats cause the 250 guys aren't out riding! they ask quuestions like "I put too much oil in my bike what should I do?". Bright bunch of guys.

The only time I have to post is when I am at work.


yep, there are some dull tacks over in 250-land. but on the other hand, it does indicate that people are getting into the sport, and they are getting into it on a {WR|YZ}250F. so what's your heartache? eventually, after darwin does his thing, these newbie peoples will "upgrade" to a 400/426/450 and join the rest of you intelligencia... :*)

jim aka the wrooster

proud 250F'er


stolen, yet modified sig:

there are 0x10 types of people in the world. it's just that none of us have that many fingers.

Originally posted by Taffy:

and now the bloody 250's have got more posts than us. if they're good bikes-talk about them.

if they're **** -talk about them even more!!!!


Without a doubt the 250's are great bikes period. I wish that I can afford the 450 and the 250. The 250 side has some pretty cool members (and smart too). They just seem to be more active than us old guys. :)

For me, I ride all desert all the time. If I lived near some decent trails (like back east or en europe) I would for sure have a WR250. No question. Taf, How's the Husey?

It's prime riding season. Wait till winter.

Yep....Your are correct...This forum has changed significantly over the past year....95% of the old timers are gone....I run into many of them over at DRN and a couple other sites I check from time to time.

Maybe things will change again when the new models hit the street this winter.....I think we kind of ran out of things to talk about with the WR400's and 426's.

Bonzai :)

This forum will "come alive" once I get my new 450..I guarantee I will make some of you sick with the questions/ observations / speculations

A lot of people will enter the forum with little experience. Many first post a simple question about a problem they are having with their bike. They may even have some misinformation or wrong ideas mixed in their questions. Replies like:

in my three years on TT i don't think i've seen anyone get so much wrong in one post, well i have but this equalls it.

will insure that these new members are made comfortable and welcome. Also when the question is basically 'which clip position would stop fouling plugs' and the answer is 'which needle would have the better profile' without guidance as to which clip position, I'm sure we've got a member for life.

Check out Rich or lean...how to tell? for a classic example of membership services.

Good luck from the 250F side,


I heard that in 2004 Yamaha is going to joint venture with cannodale and build a 8 speed for the wr. The engine will be reversed except the exhuast will be stright up and the fuel injecteion will be where the rear tail light used to be.

The rear tail light is moved to a specially fitted Helmet. The electric start is trick it gets a removable one, it gets mounted to the riders left Leg / Ankle and falls off once the bike starts. Well thats what I heard

Its gonna be called the CannonYAM or YamiDale I forget that one

Bottom line

Places change People Dont

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