taffy mod

I'm in the middle of performing the taffy mod after determining my squirt was too long.....upon completion I went back and primed the pump (with the carb off) checked the squirt....nothing :) I set the wheel collar at .025 off the brass sleve.....I cleaned the AP out prior to doing the mod....and even backed the collar off afterwards ....still not squirt :D seems to me I don't have it primed.....any suggestions????

Appreciate the help!!!

I had the same problem last night when I was playing around with the same mod. I had to remove the fuel bowl and fill the bowl with fuel and prime the pump. After that, no problems.


the above is right, get it all a bit wet and you'll be fine. you can even pull the rod out and pour a little down there if i remember rightly??? i may be wrong.


Got it....must not have been holding my mouth right the first time. Completed this mod along with the "JamesNow"... major difference at the bottom end, nothing but crisp throttle response. Very well worth the 2 hours and $7 bucks.

I'm a happy camper....now if the snow would just melt.


what's the JamesNow?


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