My Bike!

tell me what you think!0508091545_01-1.jpg

dont see anything

how about now?

Looks like J-Laws bike.:excuseme:

it is (well not actually his but yeah haha)...hes one of my best friends :excuseme: my number plates are coming in sometime soon hopefully then it will be ready for my races :]

Looks good!

looks good.

That's clean.:excuseme:

haha yeah i keep it as clean as i can...after ever ride its a oil change, air filter clean and all the plastics come off for a good scrub :excuseme: ( i know too much)

Uh, oh. Looks like you are going to be very fast! (until you get suspended)

wasnt even his fault! the news and ama is taking it to serious! grrrrrrrrrrrr

bike looks sweet man, I like the black rear plastics w/the white front fender and shrouds:thumbsup:Now lets see some pics of you riding it if your about to be pro


alright guys ill get some soon hopefully! thanks!

dude that bike is Sick!!!!!!!!!

Looks like J-Laws bike.:excuseme:

i was going to say the same thing, anyway looks good I like it:thumbsup:

to bad i got the real plastic and graphics:smirk:

Nice and shiney!!! Obesive (sp?) lol. You can wash a dirt bike??? Afraid my xr would fall apart I think the dirt and mud is what holds it together.

haha yes i love my bikes to death and the only way in my mind to keep them as long as i can is to keep washing them and keeping them clean! but the old xr are a good bike no matter what and are meant for all that dirt! haha and what do you mean pump? you have the real graphics and plastics??

Damn.. that's a sick bike.

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