WR450 On-road Reliability.

Can anyone chime in how reliable your 450 has been with exstensive on road

use? I would like to hear if you have put thousands of miles without any problems or, maybe you have? It's a great idea in theory but is it worth screwing the bike up and constantly fixing it?

i put maybe a few hundred on mine before slappin' a set of 17's on it.:excuseme: after the motar conversion i put atleast 3-4k on it and never had a issue.i'd change the oil about every 2-300 miles.after having it set u as a sm i conveted back to it's woods set-up,sold it to a guy i know and he's still never had any issues with it.gearing it up helps,not being slack with your maintenance, and of course keeping it off the rev limiter helps.it's amazing how many guys i hear on their 450's ringing the :smirk: out of it..bouncing off the rev limiter.i mean come on,grap another gear.these 450's have plenty of power for some street riding in the twisties:ride: for what it's worth i'm on my 5th blue thumper...they're freakin bulletproof

Thanks man.

i have my made for the steet in complete supermoto trim. all you need to do is gear them and they are fun for a street fighter. changed the oil every 300 to 400 miles.

I ride the street two or three times a week, about a tank each time. Includes 75pmh fwy. I have no issues what so ever. It seems to be the most practical way to get a real dirtbike that is still barely usable on the freeway. If you can get it plated, that is.

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