Just to make Taffy happy. Say if I were going to change my needle from my present settings "see below"

to a dvp, what position would the clip be on? Right now my dmm is on P1. How about a EMN. I have both in my tool box. How about it? Also, what will they do different that my present setup?




DM_ #1 = DV_ #5...M - N - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V...with each letter change meaning 1/2 clip position.

When trying to convert a "D" series needle (0.75 degree taper) to an "E" series needle (1 degree taper), I subtract about 6 letters to equate the two due to the taper get the taper start position of both needles to be the same. Thus, EK_ #3 roughly equals DR_ #3.


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