04 YZ450F Rekluse Trail King Rekluse Post

I set up my sons YZ450 with a Rekluse Pro, 13/52 final drive, 11oz. flywheel, and WoW! We went to Walker Valley in Washington state, tight, muddy, rocky, steep, challenging. Basically its a trying day with the 450 and standard clutch, 1st gear only and 90% slipping it, not fun. Today was a ear to ear grin. I was on a YZ250F (10oz. weight, 13/52 gears, 270cc). I usually lead and when going through something hairy, I wait for my boy, help him out when needed. Now when I was looking back today, all I saw was a tractor steadily plowing through my hardships with ease. The kid laughs while Im catching my breath. If you Trail a 450, this is the best thing ever. Im getting one for my baby thumper.

Anyone else love their Rekluse? :excuseme:

Anyone else love their Rekluse?

I do! For all the reasons you mentioned!


Absolutely awsome for tight gnarly stuff.

I love mine I just wish I could get one for my street bike.


I wonder what pros are using a rekluse? I've heard lots of rumors but think a lot of them don't really want to admit it due to sponsorship.

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