dieing to get the best bike in the world!!!!

hi everyone

ive used this site to find out some info, great threads and heaps to choose from

Been reading some of them,

im getting a wr450f, but i have to wait til christmas time,

im 17 and have been riding for a while

ive had a kdx175, suzuki 125 and i own a ttr230 at the moment,

want a big 450

best bikes ever and they are resembly light compared to my bike

they are liquid cooled, some people say they over heat, do they?

And im going to get a 07-09 model because they are alliminium frames (better in my opinion)

ive looked at the wr250f as well, basically the same size as the 450

can anybody give me some tips when going to buy one


ride yammies forever

Research your market so you know what a far price is. Figure out what your limit is then go haggle. Don't think your gonna get a $6k for $2k cause it's not gonna happen. Be realistic about your offers and don't let anyone talk you into going over your limit.

Yes, take your time. Don't jump at the first thing even though it is tempting. Do some research on pricing and look at the bike in person if using ebay or buying from a ways away. Don't feel obliged to buy if you aren't "feeling it" about the bike. I know what I'm talking about. I just went through it and feel I hosed myself. Good luck.

Good choice of bike! I have a 08 WR 450 and I love it. It is a work horse but as for as you're asking about the overheating the only problem I had with it was when I was doing some major overrevving and slipping the clutch trying to get out of a sick mudhole and it started overheating then but thats it and I ride tight singletrack all the time.

ah ok, yeh i have been doing some research,

im from tasmanaia, Australia, so the prices are probaly different over here

but most 07 models go for around 6 or 7 thousand

when going to but one, what things would i look out for??

No over heating on my wr450,and I use it for single track,hill climbing.I did have to do a thousand mods to make this bike right to ride here.I feel its the best water pumper you can get for baja.

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