Bryan's going east

That does it you easy coast boys.

I'm coming to the east coast TTalk weekend in June and YOU CAN'T STOP ME!

I hear Mr. Bill is getting a non-blue bike for me to ride. (Don't tell anyone!) But that's OK. I suck riding in the mud anyway.

I'll logon and get my tickets in the next couple of weeks. Who all is going?


I would have no idea who any of you guys are if you walked in to the room. I have checked out t-talk everyday for the last 7 months, but just recently started to post replies. If you are going riding with the Bill that is taking care of getting the t-talk decals, I'm in. I don't live too far from him. Don't worry about the mud. It makes for some soft landings. :D The main thing to watch out for is the roots hiding in the mud. :D

Michael :)


98 WR400, YZ timed, stock jetting, White Brothers e-series, Eastern woods, mx and hare scrambles

Knee surgery or not, Bry, I'll be there!

Cool Kev. If my calf doesn't heal or is more serious than the Doc's thought, we might just hang out in the beer round.

Plus, you know I'm not an MX'r. I need that Grand Junction type single track to get my rig scoot'n.

I lived in Harrisburg for three years and haven't been back since. I can't wait.


Yep, it's me Bill the decal guy.

Everyone is welcome to join us, but you'll have to get lodging in a motel. I live in York and we'll be riding at Rausch Creek on Friday June 15th and Tower City on Saturday the 16th.

Both of these places have web sites if you want to check it out.

So far it'll be

finglan (?unconfirmed?)

NH Kevin








Smoke'em if ya got'em boys



97 KDX220, 86 TTR225, 99 WR400f, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. De-octopussed. Works frame guards and Thumper Rad Guards, Scotts steering damper. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank, IMS seat and number plate. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA, Happy Ramblers MXC.

I plan on making the 5hr. drive down. It sounds like it will be allot of fun, and I will get a chance to thank Bryan & Bill in person. :)


2001 WR 426, WC frame guards, WC skid plate, Acerbis Rally Pro hand guards & front disc guard, DeVol Rad guards, Trail Tech computer, YZ throttle stop, air box lid removed

When I come out there do I have to go back to saying:

'Soda Machine'

instead of:

'Pop Machine'? ?

Man! I HATE that!

And do I have to act like I LIKE Joe Paterno?

Man! I REALLY Hate that!




I dont think you'll have too much of a problem in the mud especially since you can carry that KDX 80 you'll be riding. It should be a great time.


Ohhhhhhh boy!!!!! Talking smack about JoePa....careful or you could be drawn-and-quartered by four big blue bikes! Yamahas are blue and white, Penn State is blue and white....I (penn state grad) can see the connection. Living in Harrisburg for 3 years I bet you had all the Penn State crap you can handle. You would not have thought there were about 1,000 other colleges. BTW I grew up in Gettysburg and have lots of family in H-burg. I'm amazed you lasted 3 years in that place. A dump surrounded by a sh*thole.


I knew I'd fire someone up about that Joe boy comment. :)

Yes, three years of seeing bumper stickers like:

If god weren't a Penn State fan, then why is the sky blue?


What a great town though that State Collage! ! !

I didn't mind Harrisburg. Close to lots of cool places and I made a lot of friends there.

KX80? Oh yeah! Can I have the small wheeled version? I'll bet I can whip that puppy!


Where have I been? As long as I sill have weekends off I'll be there. I'm a woods guy willing to try the moto track. Williamsport isn't to far.

Hey Guys,

I will certainly TRY. I will be in the US that time so maybe I will be able to take a few days off and fly on down.

I will let you know within a month.


For those of you who are now deciding to come and join the fun. You can make reservations at Budget Host Inn at 717-755-1068. Not the best place, but not a dump either.


We have a special place for you :)


[This message has been edited by Bill (edited 03-27-2001).]

Yeah yeah Mitch. We've all heard THAT ONE before!



We love you man!



I could bring my TTR250 down and keep you in the blue. I don't know if it had more balls than the 220.



Brian Meadows brought a spare bike, XR250, to Moab. He needed it. If we have room, maybe the TTR should come w/?

I can fit all three bikes on my trailer...

I found out the XTerra gets 14.5mpg. But I don't have a 37 gallon fuel tank like you.

Whoever heard of a 37 gallon fuel tank anyways. I mean c'mon, really! :)

Thanks Kev,

I Don't like trailers for long trips. I will have to come up with another plan. Will you be riding??

By the way, it's only 32 gallons and my V8 gets better gas milage than your rig. What's up with that?

Hey Mike68, that X-Terra takes about 10 miles per gallon to drag that big ass roof rack through the air!




I had a 40 gallon tank (stock) in my 86 Suburban. Pull into the gas station and people would get pissed having to wait for me to fill that bad boy.

My Sequoia get 15+ MPG.

You guys ought to bring Mikes truck. You can easily get all three bikes in that.



That may be an option. I am hoping to have a captians chairs in by then. I don't want kev trying to slide over to my side. He scares me.

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