Wheel Bearings

Got any cool tricks for replacing wheel bearings. It seems I have bad front bearinngs. when removing my forks I discovered a shaky front wheel. Throught I might grease up my head bearings also.

[ August 30, 2002, 04:13 PM: Message edited by: bman ]

my front bearings were shot after about 2 months. when I got the wheel off and the seals out, the bearings just fell out. You might need to use a punch to get them out, not sure though.. If you do, make sure not to marr the inside of the hub where the bearings sit. when putting the new bearings back in, use a sockit that has the same outer diameter as the race of the bearing, and hammer on the sockit and not the bearing making sure not to hit the inner parts of the bearing...sorry everyone, but I bought my new bearings from Honda cause they were the only place I could find a sealed set

A set of Pivot Works with seals and sealed bearings was only $29 at a local shop. The middle spacer in the front floats enough that you can get a drift (or even a wooden dowel, they come out easy) on the bearing. Don't remove one unless you are going to replace it. You are tapping/banging on the inner race and the bearing will almost certainly be ruined.

Good luck,


If you use a propane torch to heat the hub, the bearing will drop right in.


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