Need Help YZ426

I have a 2002 yz 426, today I went riding, It started fine, i warmed it up untill the choke shut if off started it again and took it for a quick spin came back and shut if off untill a buddy was ready ride. when I went to start it again the kick start wouldnt budge. I pulled the compression release and it still wouldnt budge so I put it in gear and rocked it back and fourth. now the kick start works but only for a few kicks and it locks back up again. The compression feels good there were no weird sounds when I was riding it but for some reason the kick start keeps binding.. anyone know whats wrong? thanks.. KJWARREN

idler gear?

what do you mean by idler gear?

One of the gears in the primary case that are a part of the starter drive to the clutch. Sounds like one may be damaged.

cool thanks.. Where is your son located. i just got back from iraq in sept and in the marines in California.

Where is your son located. i just got back from iraq in sept and in the marines in California.
He's in MOS 3043 with 5/11 at Camp Pendleton, hasn't been deployed, and may not be unless he's reassigned. His DM skills put to use over the past week, however, as two armed individuals were found scavenging unexploded ordinance during an FX in the desert. He made an 850 yard shot at night with an M249, no scope.

So do you thinks it my idler gear thas the problem?

There is apparently some sort of damage to one or more of the gears involved behind the clutch. You need to get in there and fix it before it breaks something else along with it.

Will the case have to be cracked?

Should just pull the clutch cover and then its right there. Had to replace one on my 500, not too much of a pain. I dont know if its any different on the 4 strokes though.

Will the case have to be cracked?
not the crankcases, no, but you'll have to drain the coolant and pull the right engine cover. Most likely need to remove the clutch as well.

You could pull just the clutch cover and clutch assembly, and if the starter itself is not damaged, you might be able to make the repair without removing the main cover. But be certain you don't leave any frags inside to damage other things later, like your oil pump.

Ok thanks

so found out what the problem is.. I need a whole new top and bottom end, including cams, crank, piston, so on and so on...

Woh, woh...Didn't sound like something that serious...

What did you find when you opened it up?

crank was binding, cylinder walls were warn, cams were shot. the i guy i got it from i guess never changed the oil...

Ouch...Sorry man...Going through pretty much the same thing...

I ended up just getting a new complete motor for 2 grand...supposed to be here Wed...

Picked up some other goodies to throw on since it's all apart (offset triples, scotts damper, new chain, sprockets, rubber)...Looking forward to getting it going again...

wow 800 with a saw?!?! excellent sounds like his shooting skills are as good as yours with bikes...

im not saying its a lie but an 800yard or meter shot with a saw at night without a scope is very very unlikely, i have some experience with the saw in iraq and me being a marine im not sure what to think..

Ya its going to be $1600 for everything so its bad but not that bad lol

Ya its going to be $1600 for everything so its bad but not that bad lol

Yeah, that's the thing...I was looking at close too that much also, and figured may as well throw in a little more for a whole new motor (came with wiring, hoses, carb, clutch, shift lever, kick start, sprocket, everything unused)...Then was going to spend even more dough to fix the downed motor, but ended up getting 24mm Applied clamps and a Scotts damper instead...The downed motor may just get parted out, or at least have to wait a while...

I'm leaning towards parting it out...

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