Need Help YZ426

im not saying its a lie but an 800yard or meter shot with a saw at night without a scope is very very unlikely, i have some experience with the saw in iraq and me being a marine im not sure what to think..
A certain amount of luck was probably involved. His spotter "steered" him over the target a couple of times during the burst, and three strikes out of 60~80 rounds down range isn't a very high percentage. I was a bit surprised at how much damage the little 5.56 did at that range, though.

He is a remarkably instinctive shooter, and now that he's been trained by the Corps, he's phenomenal. Out scored his instructor during DM training. Even so, I can understand your skepticism; the M249 is not exactly a target piece in the first place, and the 5.56 is pretty stretched at that distance. But I've heard it from his superiors, and seen the commendation he received for it, so....

Well tell him congratulations for me..

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