04 yz450 rebuild time

Hey fellows,first post here,I might be trading for a 04 yz450. The guy claims to have kept the oil and air filter changed,valves adjusted.He says it has roughly 75 hours on it,cranks very easily hot or cold.Im wondering how long these motors will go before time to rebuild the top end?I did a search and could not find what im looking for.Also does the 4 speed do decently in trails?:

A looooooong time. I did a ton of trail riding, MX, and several thousand street miles with a SM setup on my '04. All I ever did was adjust valves aside from the usual oil/filter/grease. Sold it with original pistons & rings still running excellent, 1-2 kicks to start. Several of my friends went Yamaha because of that bike. I just bought a new '08 myself. You can't go wrong with a properly maintained 75 hour YZF

My 04 is still going strong. The valves have not been adjusted since I've owned the bike(no need) and all I've done is regular oil changes. The four speed has not been a problem on any trails I've ridden. The only thing you might look into, would be a larger fuel tank if you plan on going more than 30-35 miles between fuel stops. Also, the usual off road stuff like skid plates hand guards, etc, that you would put on any MXer to make it more off road worthy.

Thanks fellows I appreciate the info.

These YZ450F's are SOLID bikes...I ride a 2006 YZ450F and it has never let me down...if you are regular with your oil changes and cleaning your air filter these bikes will go well over 250 hours with out doing anything major to the engine

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