Riding buddies...

First in a series of posts to get a better feel for who we all are and what we all do in our dirtbiking adventures...

Who has a group of friends they always ride with? Are these people who have been riding as long as you? Did you meet them at work, or out on the trail? Do you help each other with transport, wrenching, etc? Do you socialise outside of dirt biking?


There are a group of around eight guys when we all get together, though due to work etc. there are usually four to six guys on most rides. The experience ranges from 35yr AAA class vet rider to 5yr novice rider, but most are 10-15 yr experience. We take turns hauling each other out to our riding areas and only the 35 yr guy and myself do any serious wrenching and we do help the other guys out for the right price ( BEER ). The guys hang out on some weekends and we attend several of each others BBQ's. Hope this helps---WR Dave.

Excellent... it is nice to get a handle on the social and comradary side of the sport, not just I ride this track, x amount of hours per week...

Looking for more reports...

I really only have time to ride during the week, during school hours... and most of my mates who ride are only available on weekends... but then I always have a 5 acre backyard and a keen son...


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Hello all!

About 90% of the time, I'm riding around the state of Colorado with my long-time buddy Jim. He was the one that introduced me to the sport 2 years ago...and directed me to the WR as the choice bike (also, so he could join me at the dealership and also buy one for himself!).

The other 10% of the time has consisted of riding with different folks from this site! I've met lots of great people out here in TV land (Blackie, Dougie, WickedCrash, & MadPotter) to name a few...and hopefully Stefe9999 here in a short bit. Matter of fact, I'll be riding with Jim and Dougie here in a few days out in Crested Butte...cant wait!

All in all, this site has been very helpful...a great place for answers to your questions and meeting other neat folks! Keep up the good work!


There are three of us that ride whenever we can. My ex brother-in-law Mike and a buddy of ours Eric. Been riding together for about four years. Moab twice a year, Rampart and CO mountains the rest of the year. Of the three, I am the one that will usually pull up the rear. But we ride hard and fast. We are always pushing each other. You know, get that front tire in the rear to make them squirrly. And usually, one of us will go down hard.

Over the last couple of years, I have met several riders from this site, hooking up for many rides. I've ridden with Larry a couple times this year and as he stated, we are going to Crested Butte with him and his buddies this weekend.

Yep, good riding buddies are a must. Someone you can count on to take care of you if you get hurt and razz the hell out of you if you are not that hurt.

I used to have people to ride with. Those were the good old days..... I've been out three times this year. nopity.gif

:) damn

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Everyone I ride with I have pretty much met at the trail. There are 4 guys I ride with regularly that I met at different times and places. I can usually get one of them to ride whenever I need a buddy. Unfortunately we don't hang out too much other than riding. All of them are married or soon to be so their "schedules" are tight.

The one thing I like about this sport are the lack of butholes. Everyone is real friendly. People that don't ride never understand this.


My buddies, Casey Folks and my dad.

I ride with same group of guys that I have for the last 3 or 4 years. A couple are old friends and a couple I have met on the trail. Our group is pretty tight and we help each other out a lot. One of our buddies is a millwright by trade so he helps a lot with the wrenching. We tend to do a lot of camping together. Just got back from Livingstone Wells(about 2 hrs S/W of Calgary) where we did a couple of different loops(close to 400km's in 2 days).

I usually ride with two buddies that I went to high school with. We all went out and bought bikes this spring,none of us have riden in over 10yrs. We try to get out at least once a week.Two of use ride wr426 and the other has a xr 650r and a 2003 crf 450 on the way(he has too much money).

Anyway we love it and hope to continue doing as long as we can. :)

I ride with my wife and kids most of the time. We live about a block from the dirt where there is just about endless riding so that makes it nice. My 2000 WR400 is about 50 pounds heavier when I ride with the family though, my 7 year old daughter rides with me. I can't go anywhere without her in the bike with me.

I also ride with a guy who I used to work with. We went to the sand dunes in Winnemucca on Saturday, awesome riding in the sand and dirt trails.

lets see, there is

Tyrel, teacher YZ400

Shawn, Millwright YZ426

Mike, Millwright YZ400 soon to be 450

Aman, City road crew XR 400

Trevor, Construction YZ 400

John, Frames houses XR 400

My good friend Shane, Cabniet maker YZ 125

Tim, Shawn and tyrel's DAD XR 400

Ken Young, Custom counter tops, also known as Idaho dirt. Katoom 520

Brian, Field service Technician XR 400

jason, Logger XR 250

As you all know we aren't all able to go together but we do have great times when we are. And yes we make fun of jason only riding a 250. And ask briam about the swimming he did up independance creek by the Bunco. Good time were had by all.

Chris l.

Except for my kids, all my riding buddies I have now, I have met from ThumperTalk. Thank-you, ThumperTalk! And, thanks to Monty, Brian Nvr Finish, Mike and Mike, Ratso, and all the NorCal guys that let me tag along on some truely remarkable riding adventures. Paul

Originally posted by PMAUST:

Except for my kids, all my riding buddies I have now, I have met from ThumperTalk.

Paul, I hope to be one of those guys, We'll go riding soon. I promise you!!!!!! Dan

Aaron, NW Weed sprayer, 00 drz400

Jamey, Auto mechanic, 01 WR426

Randy, Honda/Yamaha salesman, 01 WR 426

Kevin, Honda/Yamaha mechanic, 01 WR 426

Chris, Med.Equip. Repair, 01 WR 426

Curt, Machinist, 02 CRF 450

Aubrey, Excavator, 00 YZF 400

Hunter, Realtor, 00 YZF 400

Craig, Auto mechanic, 01 EXC 520

Travis, EBayer, 02 EXC 520/02 CRF 450

There are a dozen more that come along once in a while. We ride on Wed or Thurs nights up in the mountains and who ever can go off to the mountains on the weekends. (Not me usually on weekends.) Tight group of marginal, bs'in, beer drinking guys. About 40 of us go on a big ride together up north of here for a 4 dayer. TONS of fun we have together!

Thanks Dan, me too. :)


I have rode with a co-worker once. The other people I have ridden with recently include:

Cisco and Mark Baily of Thumpertalk. I recently lost Cisco as a riding buddy due to injury (temporarily I hope)

Usually end up riding by myself. I am looking forward to meeting the rest of the NCal guys at the West Coast Thumper Run. Hopefully that will lead to life long ridin buds, who don't mind me taggin along too.

FYI - I am potty trained :)


I ride with my children more than my few riding buddies.

Michael 20yrs WR426

Alicia & Samantha 13yrs TTR125Ls

Stephanie 7yrs TTR80

I've had the luxury of riding the same neighborhood trails (although getting smaller every year) for the past 30 years.

I call when I'm on my way from the shop and by the time I get home they've already got their gear on.

I try to get home early at least twice a week to ride with them.

Once every few months (more in the winter) I'll go with a couple of friends on the weekend campout riding trips.

The most fun I have is at the track with Michael.

We usually go once or twice a month.

My old Husky's and the WR's like the outdoor style track, but we ride like spodes on their supercross track.

The twins and Steph have been a couple of times but they'd rather trail ride.

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