questions about a new 07 450

I just scored a new 07 for 4 bones.

I thought it was a really good deal and jumped on it.

Although I'm not to motocross competitive I'm curious as to how this unit will stack up against the other newer models.

I'd like an idea of what mods, especially the free ones, you'd suggest. And which mods that aren't free that are must haves.

I'm an average weight 175 to 185 depending on what I've eaten or how much beer I've drank the night before.

This site was a tremendous asset to me when I bought my WR 426's back in 2002.

I'm fixing to see if I can get back into some MX in an effort to help fill the thinning gates on race day and help make the front half of the class possible. LMAO!!!

Thanks for any insight you may have.

See ya,


I would say say 06 on up is competitive with the new stock as the improvements have been pretty minor, depends on who the rider is. The 07 has more power than the newer models due to the exhaust and cam profile. I would recomend raising the forks to the 5mm line and changing out to a 50tooth heat treated rear sprocket along with a GrayRacer recommended regina orn6 oring chain. and a 165 main jet. Should be off great. and exhaust sytem will wake the bike up with bottom end, Ie white bros pro 2 or similar.

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