Save fork seals

Ok, I need help settling a argument with a mechanic friend of mine. Today he blew a fork seal and I made the comment that if he used a fork support when tying down a bike for transport, his fork seals would last longer. His all knowing self was quick to try giving me instructions on how the design of the seal is made to withstand the force of compression and a fork support will not extend a fork seals life, period! We agreed to post this to let TT'rs decide.

So, what do you all think?



Hate to say it, but i agree with him, sorry, i use a chock to help stabilize th bike on the trailor, not to save my seals, the reason seals leak is due to dirt and mud interfering with the seal lip, if you have seal savers this will not happen providing you clean the seal savers every ride.

Provided you bleed the air from your forks though (you should do it after every ride, but I bet a lot of people dont :) ).

Air will build up and if so when compressed will put more force on the back of the seals causing them to leak if the forks are compressed for any length of time.

I use a fork support when transporting my bike. But not for the reason of saving seals. I was told this was more of a benefit for the fork springs.

Im not sure why. It just seems like the right thing to do. :)

(I hope you didnt have any money riding on this one!) :D

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