Just finished BK mod, now need exhaust advice..

With Gray's help on jetting I completed the BK mod on my '02 426. I am getting to the point were I am riding better and am thinking of getting a new exhaust system. I am not actually looling to go faster, I just want to make going fast easier:smirk:

I have a Q2 on the bike now but I am wondering if I would be better served with a "regular" exhaust. I like how quite it is but I am willing to have something a little louder if I can get better power out of the bike. While I don't want to go too loud I will still keep the Q2 for the little bit of riding I do in the national park system.

I have completed the full mod to convert the bike to 03-05 plastics which inluded changing to subframe to one off off an '04 450.

I was first thinking of a megabomb/powerbomb but I don't want to mess with the extra heat that I have read about. From what I have read I could get an exhaust, possible mid-pipe and muffler, for an '03-'05 model, which opens up (pun intended) my choices.

With all that said, will a new system provide a noticable improvement over the Q2? I would love to shave a little size and weight as well but I don't want to spend $$ for only a minor difference.

Any constructive inpute would be appreciated.

Get a DR.D exhaust new or get an older D end cap shape on sale somewhere I put one on my 426 and like it alot

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