White Brothers Aluminum Pro

Ive got an 06 450. I have a lead on this full system for a good price. Has a spark arrestor with it. Were these loud? How did they hold up?

i have an 07 yz 450 with an fmf carbon 4.1 and an o8 with a white bros aluminum pro .... bout the same noise but the wb is alot heavier but doesnt bother me the main reason i got the white bros is because i got the full system on dennis kirk for $306.00 cant beat that!!!!!!!!

The bracket on mine is loose and the can twists on the muffler. Im thinking about JB welding it. I like the performance of the exhaust. paid 599 the same week Whitebros tanked.

Update: Stock is better made, more attention to detail. The muffler packing seems to be what holds the mounting bracket in place on the Aluminum pro 2. Also, the stock exhaust mount is welded on and they used rivets. They used screws instead of rivets to hold the can together, on the WB, good in theory but in practice they fall out. The screws do make it a tad more convenient to change the packing. My packing has burned out in the area of the mount and there is nothing left to keep the mount in place, wobble. However, The WB pipe does work great, and adds a sizable amount of bottom, just keep up on changing the packing and keep an eye out for missing hex screws.

Noise level is about 102db stock. Now you can or could get a quiet insert for them that nocks about 2-4 db off the bike. Takes a little bark out but not bad still.

I think they were the best pipes made for the YZs for years power wise. Had to mess with the jetting just a little bit to get them max power from them but it was worth it. I never had a problem with the hex screws falling out. I never had a failure nor did friends on about 20 of them. The aluminum is nice cause it does not burn out like the carbon if you dont keep up on the packing.

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