01 426 White Bros. Exhaust Plates

After looking at your pics again, I guess I need to try to find a "spark arrestor" for the E-Series exhaust. Does this sound right?

yes - to complete what you have - you need a spark arrestor plate - othewise, you can just remove all the plates and just put the chrome cap directly onto the can since they do nothing without the spark arrestor plate.

Yes once you put that plate on it will get a little quieter and you should have better performance. The less spacers you have the more torque and low end you have, adding spacers you lose some of the low end but gain top end. With the way you have it now I would say your low end power is suffering(if that is even a possibility with these bikes)

I would say your options are:

1. Try to find a spark arrestor plate, which I would imagine would be very difficult since white bros. was bought out by vance and hines and I don't believe they make this system anymore.

2. Make your own block off plate(shouldn't be too difficult)

3. Try to find a stock pipe on ebay, which will significantly reduce the noise and will actually perform better than your current setup.


Thanks alot for the help. I have a buddy who owns a metal fab shop. So, I will be taking the picture of the correct set-up and one of the rings(for hole pattern), to him tomorrow. I can't wait to see how much torque this bike can really produce. I have a 14 tooth front and 52 tooth rear sprocket set up. So it should be interesting.

Thanks again for the help, Scotty

i had this exhaust on my old bike i didnt like it at all. it literaly fell apart on me. if you are looking for a quiet pipe with a spark arrestor and good performance go with the fmf q2 or q4

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