yz400f needs connecting rod bushings!!!help!

I have found a 1999 yz400f that needs connectiong rod bushings, the guy has the motor all apart and he says that the crank has 1 heat spot on it also, the bike has a white bros. exhaust and pro taper bars, I was wondering if this would be an easy fix or not, he says the whole top end is new, just want your guys opinions, the bike is very cheap!!!!

I think the guy meant the connecting rod bearings.

The heat spot on the crank is the result of the manufacturing process, and is normal. A replacement crank should cost around $400 or less. If you do the work yourself, you can figure to spend under $700 if that's all you do.

Naturally, it requires a complete tear down.

The guy said that the motor is off the bike and he tore it down, I think all it needs is rod bearings but not sure, Im really worried about fixing it and spending alot of money and me not be able to start it. I just have an xr400 and im sure that bike is nothing like an xr400.

By the time you buy the rod bearing and have it installed in the crank, you will only be a few dollars short of replacing the whole crank.

And yes, the YZ400 is very different from an XR. It's like comparing a Trophy Truck to a Land Rover.

how reliable are the yz400's?

They are like driveways or sundials. They are a high performance bike, and require a bit more maintenance than an XR, but they are quite extraordinarily reliable.

someone told me that they had a yz400f and it was a 4 speed but I looked at the specs and it says that they are all 5 speeds, are they 4 or 5 speeds?

The 400's and 426's were all 5 speeds. The Gen1 YZ450 ('03-'05) was a 4 speed. Rarely, and mostly on factory bikes, the trans was modified to be a 4 speed to save weight, but the odds are much better that the bike either has a broken trans, or the guy just can't count to 5.

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