difference between 06 and 08-09 head for yz450f

can anyone please tell me the difference between these heads, part numbers are slightly different, as i need a new one for my 06. i have noticed 08-09 ones are cheaper from yamaha of troy

many thanks Tony

The head has a slightly reconfigured port layout, and is interchangeable.

However, you do not need a new head. Here in the states, Engine Dynamics can repair that for considerably less than a new head. With you being in the UK, you might want to find someone on your side of the pond who can do this. EDCo may be able to tell you where to look.

hi thanks for the quick reply, the picture below shows why i want a new one, although it may be repaired i could pick up a new one for a similar price, all 3 inlet valves are toast + a lot of damage to the area near the plug thread.


I saw the damage, and you can buy new if you like, but that head can be repaired for half what you can buy a new one for, even at a discount.

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