Anyone installed a Power Now?

Took out the WR450 yesterday, WOW! the power still amazes me every time I ride it, and thats just with the free mods.I don't know if I will even put a pipe on it, but I was wondering what that new Power Now device would do. Any reports?

use the search feature >> you may fry your processor w/ all the info on this website on this subject!

Check the YZF250, 450, & WR400 forums

I have the power now installed on my wr450. I can feel the improved off idle throttle response. Thats about all it does I think.

Has anyone tried making their own PowerNOW/JamesNOW for the WR450?

Reading the PowerNOW website the material is now steel rather than alloy I am guessing due to the rear carb boot not being a bolt on anymore.

As the rear carb boot is just rubber, is it strong enough to hold a piece of aluminium plate? The last thing we want is that to be sucked up into the engine :)

I guess not due to the lack of response ....

I thought i red something about it wasn't posible :)

It just takes a bit of creativity to make the thing fit the 03 models... if someone does it, then send a writeup to us all... if someone wants to send me a YZ450 or WR450 to experiment on, then I will be happy to design one that fits, and do the write up... :)


i'll test it :)

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